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Magic Book Collection magic storyes for kids. Russian content. version 0.2 (43 MB)
version 0.3 (67 MB)
pyespeak Python ctypes module for eSpeak version 0.1 Python source (458 KB)
pyirrlicht Python ctypes module for Irrlicht Engine SDK. The Irrlicht Engine is intended to be an easy-to-use 3d engine.
SVN is
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version 1.1.7 source Python + irrlicht_c.dll (9 MB)

ready SWIG pyd files for different Python versions
irr_py24 (1.6 MB)
irr_py25 (1.6 MB)
irr_py26 (1.6 MB)
irr_py27 (1.6 MB)
irr_py30 (1.6 MB)
irr_py31 (1.6 MB)
pyWinGUI Small and fast Windows GUI API for Python. home page with SVN
OLE 1C connection Python OLE connection to production from firm 1C. source
venster-continue Venster - Windows GUI API. home page with SVN
pysoil Python ctypes module for SOIL - Simple OpenGL Image Library (A tiny c library for uploading images as textures into OpenGL. Also saving and loading of images is supported.). version 0.1 source Python + source SOIL + soil.dll (240 KB)
pybass Python ctypes module for BASS (mod, mp3, ogg, wav and etc.) + wxPython stream and file player.
source code
version 0.53 source Python (55 KB)
pymidas Python ctypes module for MIDAS (it, mod, s3m, xm, wav and etc.). Download midas.dll for win32 here (83 KB), source here (540 KB) version 0.2 source Python (8 KB)
SVG canvas for wxPython View and print svg file or svg content, convert svg to raster graphics. Open svg, svgz file as wx.Image, use wx.BITMAP_TYPE_SVG, wx.BITMAP_TYPE_SVGZ type. Partial support svg format. Tested with Python 2.5 and wxPython Path parser and elliptical arc approximation from Enable. version 0.3 source Python (23 KB)
Remote File Browser Main use for load and send files between hosts into local network. Not require Samba or Lanman servers. Connect between: *nix - *nix; win - win; *nix - win and etc. More speed than into any http server, big file size, multithreads, drag and drop operations. version 0.7 source Python (85 KB)

version 0.7 win32 + source Python (8 MB)

old version 0.5 win32 + source Python (5 MB)
FINIC Framework for building cross-platform accounting applications, written with Python, wxPython, Rpyc, Berkeley DB and etc. This software help for You management your financial movement, into local network (as client-server for many users) or on local computer (client only for one user), with separation for accounts, clauses, customers. Software can cipher information (optional); allow working different users, with different rights access. Report generating as HTML, PDF or XLS file or internal print preview system. Software Adobe and MS Office not required, but for viewing made files HTML, PDF and XLS required suitable software (for example: OpenOffice). Software has internal api for creating extensions (plugins). version 0.7 only source Python (1 MB)
version 0.7 win32 + source Python (17 MB)
Backup and restore MySQL Create zip file as backup output result, or read from zip file for restore. Written for use with GUI application (zip_backup class), but maybe use as command line tool. source Python (6 KB)
Calculator Simple calculator, main use as control with financial system. source Python (4 KB)
Rich text printout Printout wx.RichTextControl. Python implementation of C++ analog with some features. source Python (5 KB)
ActiveX Control for MySQL Not require ODBC. Execute SQL query, show result as data grid. Control build with 5 version MySQL.
Help (4 KB).
Example for MSVB 6 (70 KB).
MFC version (23 KB).

pure version (131 KB).

libmySQL.dll (546 KB)
Base editor for MySQL. Not require ODBC. Allows to adjust the main window of the program, create the menu from a standart and user command, there is an authorization, sorting, filters, search and a printing (presence of the utility of a printing is required). Network support under TCP/IP. Internal interpreter LUA. Loading files into base and extract data from base to file; show pictures, sound and video from base. Create user dll lib on C\C++ and use from lua scripts. The test version of textual files with adjustments is formed with the program. The program build with 5 version MySQL. version 1.2.0 (846 KB)

example (27 KB)
help (55 KB)
dll example (msvc 110 KB).
dll example (dev-c++ 86 KB).
libmySQL.dll (546 KB)
Backup for MySQL Console tool for backup data as SQL files. Maybe save as zip archive. version 1.2 (110 KB)

libmySQL.dll (546 KB)
Virtual MIDI keyboard Emulation MIDI keyboard. Save to memory played notes, later maybe save to midi or text file. Text files maybe played with few channels, synchronous play on keyboard. win32 version (604 KB)

source C++ (30 KB)